Our team
of professional and experienced specialists is here to take care of your mental health

Our core values

  • The most important reason for our team's existence is to support you when you or your loved one need help and advice due to mental health concerns.
  • We take time to listen to you.
  • We respect your opinions, feelings and way of seeing the world.
  • We are very interested in what kind of support you yourself would like to receive to improve your mental health, and we will take this into account when offering you services.
  • We do not take away responsibility for what is happening in your life - we help you find clarity, strength and courage so that you can make decisions that support you and bring good changes to your life.
  • We are eager to learn and interested in everything that is happening in the field of mental health. We use all new good professional knowledge.
  • Our employees are our invaluable asset - we do everything to ensure that they are retained and that it is good to work with us, because that is the only way they can help you in the recovery of your mental health.
  • We love simplicity and clarity. You can ask us everything and be asked again if something remains unclear.
  • We also love to laugh - although we often deal with difficult and complex topics, we never forget all the joy that life has to offer.
  • We always challenge entrenched norms and bureaucracy when they are not in people's best interest and make it too difficult to get help.
  • We work with many other mental health care providers. We will help you reach the right help even if we ourselves cannot offer you suitable support.